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We Promote Quality Education Across the Globe

Chartered Institute of Educational Practitioners Uk (CIEPUK) is one of the largest professional body duly registered and accredited in United Kingdom. Our dedication to fostering quality education in the UK and the rest of the world forms the basis of who we are. We are committed to promoting qualitative education in developing countries especially in Africa through teachers who are directly involved in training and academic activities.

CIEPUK has been acting as the voice of the academic profession for over 12 years through academic programs. Our aim is to continue to raise the visibility of the great work of academic professionals and their current challenges.

The Call:

Our Mandate

We have been the voice of the academic profession for over 12 years through our programs.

The Chartered Institute of Educational Practitioners UK (CIEPUK) is a multi-disciplinary education organization mandated to promote educational development in Nigeria and the rest of Africa by providing training and support to educational practitioners in the region. It is our vision to keep the knowledge and skills of education professionals at par to the global standards.

Originally established in the United Kingdom in January 2018, CIEPUK follows a 5-fold philosophy to stay true to its mandate:

  • INFORM educational practitioners about the growing need for capacity building among the students to keep them at par of the standards of local and international university and graduate school education.

    EMPOWER & MOTIVATE educational practitioners to deepen their passion for their vocation, while enhancing their capacities as educational service providers through research and development, funding and welfare programs.

    INITIATE & FACILITATE partnership between educational investors and implementors of educational and entrepreneurial development projects in Nigeria and beyond.

    PROVIDE scholarship fund for Nigerian and international students.

    OFFER educational consultancy services to national and local governments in Nigeria, to educational institutions, and to other education sector stakeholders around the globe.

As of today, CIEPUK has over 10,000 registered members from different sectors—students, bachelor’s degree holders, master’s degree holders, and PhD holders.

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