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Professor Dr Satish Visavadia

Professor Dr Satish Visavadia

Professor Dr Satish Visavadia

Vice Chancellor at Technological University of the Americas (TUA) and Dean of London School of Media & Management & Associated Institutions UNITED KINGDOM – EUROPE – UAE - GLOBAL

Satish Visavadia is a Professor of Education with a Masters and PhD in Education.  He is an entrepreneur and a director with vast experience in higher education, management and commercial corporate business, both in United Kingdom and overseas markets.   During, early years of his life, Professor Satish started in the engineering industry, where he trained and qualified as a mechanical engineer, designing machine tools and industrial woodworking machines.  He later progressed and qualified as a teacher and then progressed into higher education as a lecturer, leader, assessor and verifier working in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

With many years of teaching experience in higher education and training, he progressed and became a leader in a higher education institution, where he managed accredited education programmes and extensively managed and  lectured.  He later established a leading higher education institution in the UK with partners, where he was a principal for seven years, teaching and managing the institution with over two thousand students and one hundred and forty staff across five campuses. 

With a demanding academic career, Professor Satish, travelled extensively, participating in academic events, conferences and presentation events all over the world.  His extensive global work in Education and business, attracted him to be admitted to many professional institutions taking up membership of many prestigious professional bodies including, fellow membership of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), associate fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, fellow member of the Australian Institute of Management, associate fellow member of the Australian Marketing Institute and member for the Institute for learning.

Also, member for the Institute for learning (IOL), distinguished fellow of the International Institute for the Chartered Education Practitioners (IICEP), fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Administration and Technology (RICAMT) and fellow of Chartered International Educational Practitioners UK (CIEPUK). In 2020, he was honoured as a Professor of Marketing and Communications by Yaveh Hills University, South Africa for his education work in Africa. He also became a participating member of the African Research Universities Association (ARUA). He was appointed as the Vice Chancellor for the Technological University of the Americas (TUA) working with all its affiliates and a visiting professor at Akamai University, Hawaii, USA, and Innovation University of Florida, working closely with Professor Dr. Hubert Rampersad PhD, a globally renowned academic, an author, philanthropist and a Harvard Professor.

In 2021 Professor Dr Satish Visavadia was appointed as the Chairman of CIEPUK, the Chartered Institute of Education Practitioners and the Chairman of Premier Coin, a digital coin being established and launched in the global crypto currency markets. Professor Satish also continues to work in higher education as a consultant managing education projects and developments with global clients, also as the Dean of London School of Media & Management (LSMM).

He is a successful educator, leader, lecturer, moderator and assessor, working extensively from London and Dubai in public and private sectors.  His entrepreneurial vision and tenacity over the years has enabled him to establish businesses and projects with commercial success globally.   He has also undertaken consultancy management of projects including pioneering working on crypto currency and forex, extending his collaborative work into crypto platforms, commodities, trade, corporate mergers and acquisitions. 

He is an experienced and innovative leader and academic with immense management and entrepreneurial experience, also being bilingual in a few languages.  He has travelled extensively around the world capturing commercial, corporate and education markets consolidating his awareness, knowledge and skills in many areas.

December 2021