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Amanullah Khan Paracha
Amanullah Khan Paracha

Amanullah Khan Paracha

Mr. Amanullah Khan Paracha graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1974 from NED University, KarachiPakistan, and completed his education in France with a specialization in hydraulics. He started his own Mechanical & Electrical Company in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 1977 and since then has completed many projects including powerhouses, central air conditioning & oil refinery works.

He is also running the steel rerolling and steel melting industry in Pakistan
and has also working as C.E.O of a Financial Consulting firm that provides
projects funding from financial institutes. He was awarded the highest Civil
Award by the President of Korea & he owned a solar company. He was a
Member of the Banking & Insurance Committee, Law & Order Committee &
Lives Stock & Fisheries of the Chamber of Commerce & IndustriesPakistan.
He is publishing two newspapers in Pakistan & running a media & WTV
Channel as well.

He was a founder member and President of Karachi for Pakistan Tehreek Insaf
( former ruling party Pakistan from 20182022), during 20022008 he was part
of President General Pervez Musharrafs government and served as a President
of Karachi. He also contested the Nationals Assembly of Pakistan elections and
was declared a strong spokesman as well.
Now, he is elected as a Chairman of Pakistan Muslim Alliance (PMA) a registered
political party with the Election Commission of Pakistan.
The website of PMA is selfexplanatory. He is also
elected Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation of Pakistan ( HRFP) and
represented Pakistan in United Nations Organizations ( UNO). Its to be noted that
HRFP is affiliated with the worlds top human rights organization. The AIMS &
OBJECTIVES OF HRFP are selfexplanatory on the website of
He was also Vice President of West Coast University, Panama.